Breasted sea field that stores confidential and will not talk

Under water flying from the sky
My body is a foggy walk on air
I’m like an old tree Rengas
As if forgetting the time to rest in its own

It’s like the story of the past
Who for centuries tried to get up
Finding the door of the latter
Like the wailing wall I was banging on the remaining power
For expectations to soar

And to all the upright love should go far
Learning to smell the scent of summer in this month
Hot as cries of wild birds
And the sky was filled with dreams
But, I do not know how to fly

Each is touched by the light of my eyes
Growing looming grief and longing of love
If re-blossomed at the heart of the world’s salt
Which gives flavor and color to life

Breasted sea field that stores confidential and will not talk
Sands of time have been eroded to a constant change
Love is not enough of them have even gone and re-

Now, before writing rhymes kusudahi most restless
Want to smell my chest, hear your heart degub
There, I feel there are thousands of children shepherd plays the tambourine
And I will melt in there, in the song of your soul

(Langit, August 2011. I saw thousands of arrows shot blocking sunlight)


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